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1. Hunter CD and Cairo CW*, “Limited hydrolysis of polysialic acid by human neuraminidase enzymes,” in preparation, chemRxiv [ OA link ]

2. Radwan M; Cairo CW*, “Bioisosteric replacement of C9-amide linkers in 2,3-didehydro-5-N-acetylneuraminic acid (DANA) to develop human NEU3 inhibitors,” in preparation, chemRxiv [ OAlink ]

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66. Radwan M; Jana M; Cairo CW*, “Facile synthesis of C5-azido derivatives of thiosialosides and 2,3-dehydro-5-N-acetylneuraminic acid (DANA),” Carbohydrate Research, in press. [epub Dec 20, 2023 DOI; preprint ]

65. Daskhan GC; Tran HTT; Cairo CW*, “Convergent synthesis of a hexadecavalent heterobifunctional ABO blood group glycoconjugate,” Carbohydrate Research, 2024, 535, 108988. [epub Nov 23, 2023; DOI; preprint ]

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63. Daskhan GC; Motyka B; Bascom R; Tran HT; Tao K; West LJ; Cairo CW*, “Extending the in vivo persistence of synthetic glycoconjugates using a serum-protein binder,” RSC Chemical Biology, 2022, 3, 1260-1275. [OA link; epub Aug 23, 2022]

62. Tran H-TT; Li C; Chakraberty R; Cairo CW*, “NEU1 and NEU3 enzymes alter CD22 organization on B cells,” Biophysical Reports, 2022, 2(3); 100064.  [epub Jul 21, 2022; OA link; preprint ]

61. Howlader MA; Demina EP; Samarani S; Guo T; Caillon A; Ahmad A; Psheshetsky AV*; Cairo CW*, “The Janus-like role of neuraminidase isoenzymes in inflammation,” FASEB J, 2022; 36:e22285. [epub Apr 1, 2022; OA link; preprint ][Highlighted in Folio]

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